Friday Finally and Again

How did you weather your week? I had some ups and some downs and I would guess you have, too. Good thing, though, it’s Friday finally and again. We often wait in anticipation, longing for the Fridays in our lives, the days that symbolize the end of the work week, the start of the weekend, the start of “free” time. Maybe Friday isn’t really your Friday, but you know what I mean.

I’m relieved to say yesterday was my last day of early Friday morning OT since the start of the year. That was accompanied with late Thursday OT, which was preceded by Tuesday morning OT, which followed Monday night OT.

I’m feeling burnt out, understandably. I’m a workaholic. It’s not something I want to be. I strive to be a diligent, effective, efficient, valuable employee. I have a tendency, though, to bury my head in the sand of work and let life pass me by. The worries and frustrations and travails of work consume me. The successes and compliments and validation of work distract me. Work often steals me away from the practice of mindfulness.

It’s important to admit when I’m feeling burnt out and to do something about it. I’m not taking all that default recurring OT again these next few months because I know I need to be more mindful and focus on more than just work. I need to restore my equilibrium, to find better rest, to keep engaging more with life, to quest for work-life balance, to seek meaning, to help others, to love myself, to do the work of forgiveness, to write, to adventure.

Sure, it would be better to avoid the burnout in the first place. But if burnout has lessons to teach me, and it does, then I’ll take the lessons I can from it and do my best to learn.

Now that I’m in a space where I feel like depression is manageable again, where I can maintain the perspective that moods are moods, moments are moments, and not get sucked into a spiral, I’m so glad to be able to keep Friday in sight. I’m thankful for Friday, finally and again.


I appreciate your comments. Thank you!

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